Vintage beauty tips are still on board. Do you remember your mom following the typical vintage beauty tips taught to her by your grandmother?. Well certainly you would have. Vintage beauty tips have their own charm and work exceptionally well. We lather ourselves with whole lot of chemicals when the retro period has given us some of the amazing beauty tips to achieve what we want. How do you even know which products are right fit for you? The choices are endless. That is why it’s sometimes good to go back to the basics and have a look at  vintage beauty tips.

In this article you will read about few vintage beauty tips which might help you achieve what you are looking for.

Cucumbers and Yogurt

Back in the day people used to follow this beauty tip every night. They used to apply a thin layer of yogurt all over their face and cut thin round slices of cucumber and place it on their eyes. Yogurt helps moisturize their skin and makes it soft and supple whereas cucumber will help reduce dark circles and provide cooling to the eyes. Try this vintage beauty tip and achieve a fresh and well moisturized skin by morning.

Sea Salt

Even though it may sounds weird, but adding sea salt to your bath will really help your skin. It flushes away the infections and exfoliates the skin leaving it silky soft and Smooth. These Vintage beauty tips will get you a glowing complexion. You can also use scented sea salts so that you can have that mild perfume kind of smell even  after hours of bathing. 

Ice Water

Cold water helps tighten your pores. This is one of the best Vintage beauty tips ever. You can Splash ice cold water on your face every morning after a warm shower. In this way your pores gest closes and also do not produce excess of oil.  It also helps reduce puffiness under your eyes.

Egg as Conditioner

Egg is the richest source of protein. Did u even know how thick and shiny hair our vintage beauties used to have. They rinse their hair with egg whites after every hair wash. This provides a very smooth and shiny texture to your hair and also makes your hair strong.

Cleanse your face before bed

This vintage beauty tips is still being followed. Always remember to clean your face before you go to bed. This helps to get rid of all the dirt from your skin and allows your skin to breath.

Lavender to relieve stress

It is the most versatile herb and is best to release stress. Lavender leaves were crushed and mixed with bathing water. This helps to release any tension and also lavender has healing and moisturizing properties useful for the skin. 


Even though  these vintage beauty tips were used back in the era. They are still certainly relevant even today. So this serves as a reminder that old is gold.

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Do Vintage Beauty Tips still work?

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