Teen Makeup tips will help you protect your skin and also helps you achieve a natural makeup. Teenage is a very tender age, many of us undergo most of the changes in hormones, skin in this age. We see our elder sisters or relatives using make up and become so excited to use them and end up using too much. The skin we have during teenage is very sensitive and can react to some of the makeup products we use and can cause acne and scaring. It is very important for us to guide our sisters and other teenagers out there who are eager to use makeup for the first time. 

Prepare your skin

This is the most important step you have to do as a teenager even if you are not doing makeup. Use a mild and gentle face wash/cleanser and wash your face. Use a rose or a cucumber toner on your face. Rose for dry skin, cucumber for oily skin. This will prepare your skin for the makeup, and also doesn’t allow the chemicals of makeup to seep into the layers of skin.


Moisturization is very important, this will hydrate your skin thoroughly and your skin is ready for makeup. A light weight moisturiser is enough; it gets absorbs in your skin very easily. Wait for a minute or two before starting your make up so that your skin can absorb all the moisture. This is one of the most essential teen makeup tip

Use a BB cream:

As your skin is still tender and sensitive a BB cream is more than enough to brighten up your face. You can use garnier bb cream or ponds bb cream which is very light weight and doesn’t cause any irritation or acne on the skin. Use of Foundation can be very limited only for special occasions as foundation is quite heavy when compared to bb creams. 

Neutral Tones:

A best teen makeup tip is to keep your eye shadow as neutral as possible. Using a single eye shadow is more than enough to enhance your complete look. Get a neutral tone eye shadow palette or just you can take a light pink lipstick on your fingers. And apply on your eyelids for the flush of colour on your lids.

Use a Kohl/Kajal: 

Apply kohl/ kajal on your lower water line; this will make your eyes look deeper and prettier. Use eye liners only on occasions. If you want to add more depth to your eyes just apply the same kohl/kajal on your upper water line as well and smudge the line gently.

Lip Balm/Lip gloss:

Use a tinted lip balm or a lip gloss for everyday use. It provides a flush of colour to your lips and also it doesn’t over power your whole look. You can stick to lipsticks only on occasions as well, as lipsticks are quite drying and heavy for daily basis.

Have a good sleep:

At least eight hours of sleep is necessary. It not only makes you stress relief but also enhances the texture of your skin and provides glow on your face hence you require very less makeup. This is also one of the most important teen makeup tips. 


Teen make up tips involves the use of very subtle and natural makeup which will enhance your overall features and also protect your skin. You have to remember that less is always more when it comes to makeup. 

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Top Teen Makeup Tips

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