Longer lashes make eyes look very attractive. We women do anything and everything to make them look beautiful. From mascara to eye lash curling to applying lash extensions, we always go an extra mile when we want to look our extra best. This takes a toll on the growth of lashes and they starts to fall off. There are many treatments and cosmetic creams and serums that make your eyelashes look thick. But they might be quite expensive and in the long run the results might be contrary. But we can grow our lashes even without all the hassle by using natural oils.  

Natural oils contain all the richness which stimulates the growth of the lashes. As they are completely chemical free they are very safe to use on eye area without any fear of making the eyes irritated. Consistent use of oils gives permanent thicker and longer lashes.

In this article you will read about natural oils which are safe and will help you achieve thicker and longer lashes. 

How to apply oils on lashes?

Remove your eye makeup using a makeup remover then wash your eye area so that it’s clean of the remaining residue. Apply a bit of an oil on a cotton swab and stipple into the roots of your lashes. Do it gently.

Best oils for Eye lash growth

Coconut oil:

This is one of the most frequently used oil and can be found very easily. It hydrates your lashes and does not feel heavy on eyes. It absorbs very quickly. It’s one of the best natural oils to get longer lashes.

Castor oil:

Castor oil can promote hair growth. Be it scalp hair or eye lash hair. Even though castor oil is a bit thicker in consistency it is very easy to use and little amount is just enough to grow lash hair. It also makes your eye lashes strong and prevents them from shedding.

Sweet almond oil:

Sweet almond oil is one of the best natural oils for hair growth. Ancient Egyptian times almond oil can cure baldness. Take a few drops on your fingers slightly rub it between your fingers and dab it on your lashes. 

Jojoba oil:

It is known for its amazing properties for growing eye lashes. Jojoba oil has a tendency to penetrate deep into the hair follicles and stimulate hair growth. It has regenerative properties and prevents the lashes from falling off.

Vitamin E oil:

Vitamin E oil is also one of the best options out there to promote lash growth. Message the vitamin e oil in to the hair by using circular motions. This improves the circulation of blood. Vitamin E oil is also acts as a great conditioner.

Olive oil:

Olive oil is best to treat skin alignments also to promote hair growth. It is very easy to find and use. Use extra virgin olive oil for best results. It seeps into the roots of the hair and makes your lashes stronger and helps regenerate new lashes. It also fills the gaps between the lashes by making them thicker and fuller.


Natural oils are easy to use and are the best option than all those chemical treatments. You have to use these oils consistently for a certain period of time. Use it at night times and sleep so that the oils can work their magic all night long. Just choose one oil of your liking and use it. You can also use a mixture of two oils together for better results.

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