Pedicure is nothing but basic foot care. Also known as cosmetic treatments for feet. Coming to the fact, it dates back over 4000 years to the ancient times when they started practising this process of pampering feet in order to prevent disorders and diseases of the nails. In fact, the word “Pedicure” comes from the Latin word ‘pes’-Foot and ‘cura’-Care.

Regular pedicure not only keeps your feet look pretty it also moisturises the skin. Similarly, helps you relieve from tension and stimulate circulation. The process also smoothens and relax the skin. Thus, it prevents problems from toenails, which causes pain and limping.

Benefits associated with Pedicure

Improves the Appearance – Having polished toes always look pretty. They also make you feel sleek when you wear a nice pair of open-toe shoes or sandals.

Removes Calluses – Calluses are caused by constant pressure on certain areas of your feet. It can also take place from tight-fitting shoes or regular use of high heels. A pedicure can prevent calluses on your feet using a foot scrub or moisturising lotion.

Detects Nail diseases and maintains Nail health – Regular pedicure helps stimulate blood flow to the area. Because nutrients are essential for nail health and growth. Maintaining a constant person for a pedicure is always best. As a result, your pedicurist will know the condition of your nails. Also, they immediately let you know if there is anything wrong with your feet.

Relaxes your feet – Pedicures also include massage. However, getting your legs and feet massage is one of the best ways to relax and stay stress-free. At the same time, you will feel refreshed and re-energised with this treatment. Because happy and healthy feet not only improves your physical appearance but also improves your mental well-being.

Improves blood flow – Another benefit from getting a pedicure is it improves blood circulation. It also stimulates the lymph flow that cleans the toxins through the blood flow. Foot massage helps the lymph nodes circulate better. Have a glass of water after the massage to vanish the toxins from the body.

Let’s you experiment with nail colours – With pedicure, you can experiment with different colour combinations to your taste. Your pedicurist will also use a base coat to protect your nails from getting stained. They can also create nail art on your toenails and paint colours to fit any season and any occasion.

Many of you already know that a pedicure makes your nails look pretty Awesome! What you need to know is a professional nail treatment is associated with health benefits as well!

Some of the health benefits of foot massage

  • Prevents the infection of toenails.
  • Cleans the feet bacteria.
  • Prevents any foot bad smell, diseases and nail disorders.
  • Healthy toenails reduce the harm from toe trauma.
  • Foot massage helps to reduce tension and stress.
  • A regular foot massage can help you identify foot problems such as fungal infections and corns.
  • Keeps feet moisturized all the time and help blood circulation all over the body.
Benefits of getting a regular Pedicure

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