“Beauty tips according to zodiac signs” isn’t it sounds funny! Of course, We are born with different features that make us look beautiful and unique. Believe it or not, Zodiac signs have a great connection to our looks. Many believe astrology relates to our future. Some may be born with earthy signs, some with aquatic signs so and so forth. As we use different makeup ideas to enhance our features, so why not do it according to our Zodiac signs. Hence, In this article, you will get to know about Beauty tips according to zodiac signs of yours!


Aries is a fiery sign. However, Women of this sign are very stylish and independent. Your best features are your lips and brows. So try to pay more attention to your lips. Also, apply very natural makeup on your face and use a bright red shade on your lips. Your brows are quite thick and dark so shape it into an arch so that it looks more enhanced and complete face looks more Organised and Beautiful.


It’s an earthy sign. Women of this sign tend to be very ambitious and determined. Your best feature is your jawline. Women have mostly a square jawline which looks so pretty. A soft contour on the jawline and highlighter on the highest points of your face will enhance the overall look of your face.


Gemini’s are of Airy sign. Also, Women of this sign are very outgoing and Spontaneous. Try to enhance your eyes which are one of your best features. Use different colour eyeliners like Blue or emerald green. Try experimenting with eye shadow colours. Hence, Gemini’s tend to have thin lips using a bright pink colour might seem to be a better option for you. So, If you have a bright eye shadow look apply nude pinks/brown on your lips. If You are subtle with your eye look use a bright lip shade.


It’s a Water sign. ALso, Females of this sign are very emotional and loyal. They have very deep eyes which seem like an Ocean. So, Try to enhance your eye look. Similarly, Apply a thick coat of Mascara and curl your lashes which give a more awakened look. Also, apply kohl on your water line and smoky eye is just as perfect for you. Finally, Use a coral shade lipstick to complete the look. 


These have a fiery sign. Leo women are very stable as well as self-confident. They are a package of beauty. You are mostly yellow under toned. Golden colour suits you the best. Try to use a shimmery eye shadow. Bronze up your face and highlight your cheekbones. These few beauty suggestions will bring out your natural beauty. 


It’s an earthy sign. However, Virgo’s are very simple and faithful. Also, Virgo’s mostly have sharp features so a more simple and subtle makeup looks best on you. Use a brown-toned eye shadow with a peachy blush and a lip-gloss. Because, the more natural the better you look. Your skin is flawless. So, use the right shade of foundation to get rid of any imperfection on your face and you look simply elegant in your no makeup look. 


Libra is an Air sign. Therefore, Libra’s are very, cool, calm and have a great sense of humour. Ofcourse, Libra’s mainly have almond-shaped eyes. Grey Smokey eye look best on you. Hence, Using brown colour lipstick will look best on you. Also, Thick brows with a subtle countering will bring out the best in you.


It’s a Water sign. Scorpio’s are very passionate and attractive. They have strong facial features. Chiseled jawline and a hooked nose are the most attractive part of your face. Try using blue and green colours of eye shadow. A reddish-brown lipstick suits you well. Contour your jawline to accentuate it. 


It’s a Fiery Sign. Women of this sign are very Honest and Adventurous. They have an oval shape face, which is an ideal face type. Any kind of hair looks best on you. Try golden brown highlights on your hair. Apply a cat eyeliner look which suits your eye shape. Highlight you’re cheekbones with a monochrome highlighter for that glow on your skin. 


Capricorn is an earthy sign. Women of this sign are ambitious and very patient.  Earthy colours look best on you. Using false eyelashes gives detailing to your eyes. Black kohl with a brown or black Smokey eye looks best on you. Simple and nude colour lipsticks are an amazing beauty suggestion for you.


It’s a watery sign. A woman of this sign is very unpredictable and loves freedom. Colours like blues and pinks suit the best for you. Use a blue or pink-toned eye shadow, with a light pink blush on your cheeks. White or nude kohl liner will brighten your eyes. Use a lip-gloss to complete your look.


 Pieces are a watery sign as well. They are very calm and sensitive. Use neutral colours for the eye shadow look for a very simple and natural look. Tight line your eyes to give definition and apply a thick coat of mascara. As for your lipstick use mauve shade which suits your skin. 


These beauty suggestions will help you to look your best. No matter what sign you are of every woman is beautiful in her way. Try experimenting with various beauty trends and find your fit.  

Beauty tips according to their Zodiac Signs – All you need to know

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